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After dinner party‼️

So everyone coming out to celebrate the birthdays tonight I figured we could continue the fun after dinner at Mom &’ Dads. Play some...

Captain Marvel “Event”

Well.. the eve started off nice. Zachary, Brianna and Myself and Amanda and Dakot! Not too bad we walked In and holly poo it was...

Family Bowling Night ‼️

Everyone come out tonight for a little bit of family time. We’re leaving to go to bowl around 6:30 - 7:00! Everyone can meet at Mom and...

Been Busy!!

Well it’s been a few, just a quick update! Super bowl Sunday is around the corner till then stay safe, stay smart and most of all stay...

How could he?!?

David didn’t want anyone besides him and Ariel making posts... How rude🤬


It was nice to see so much traffic on our website today! so many RSVP to our get together Sat.. Can’t Wait!!

Heres one for you!!!

Moms random moments.

Mom: Ariel how do fish get high? Me: ugh idk 😂😂 give me a hint mom: SEA WEED. Okay okay it was a tad bit funny to me haha

Nice Evening With Your Mother!!

Well after trying Ariel’s Vape 💨 your mother decided she wanted one, so off to rollin vape we went. They ordered a Rose Gold for your...

This is really cool!!

coment on the weirdest thing you see, or post a picture!!!

Good Morning Chaos!!

Typical Monday mornin, woke up on time even though father felt like crap yesterda, took a 2hr nap for the first time in well we won’t go...

And It Starts!!

Well 2.5hrs roaming in Best Buy later and Moms Jeep has remote start!! Not to bad uses her factory remote has an extra remote if needed....

Saturday Am

Good Morning Chaos!! well its Saturday morning, almost 9 Little Ms Ariel’s said she would be Over early‘ I doubt it I’ll be lucky to see...

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