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Common Questions People Ask When Joing!!

The golden rules to Rv-ing

Try not to stress out.

Plan for the worst and be grateful for anything better.

Remember the journey is as important as the destination itself.

New or old, every RV is going to have a problem eventually, if not right away.

YouTube is going to be your new best friend!

Take the time to learn your RV.

It is especially important to watch videos on RV safety.

Something as simple as an anti-sway bar can save your life.

You will create fantastic memories as well as meet some really terrific people along the way.

Many new faces around the fire become life long friends.

Don't plan your trips around the weather some of the best trips we've ever had are during down pours.

One of the most important things you should do, and we can't stress this enough is... Turn off your electronics!

Getting out into nature will reset your biological clock.

Breathe in the fresh air

Toast those marsh mellows

Let your shoulders drop!

Take a few practice runs in your driveway before you head out to your destinations.

Make your 1st few trips close to home.

Check to make sure everything works and take the time to learn your RV.

One of the most important things to remember is to not turn on your hot water tank while it's empty!

Get yourself a set of tools and a tool box, you'll need all of them.

Add to your tool Box a voltmeter, fuses, duct tape and tie-straps.

There are special hoses for drinking water as well as heated lines for the Winter.

You're going to need a sewer connection kit. And some rubber gloves for when you change it, safety glasses wouldn't hurt.

Remember to double check your sewage hose is connected properly Before opening your tank because "first you see it, then you say it" 💩

Replace your fire extinguishers! Dealerships ones barely meet the minimum requirements.

Get yourself a good 1st aid kit.

Please get yourself a journal.

Make or download lists and don't check items off until they are packed in the vehicle.

Circle your Rv 3 times before departure, do at least once in a different direction, perspective changes everything. Look up and down while circling.

Always pack your gear towards the front of your camper.

Get a quality cooler and don't forget to load it with the basics, spices, butter Brown sugar, condiments etc.

Pre-make your meals and vacuum seal them, freeze them flat and use instead of ice to keep your other items cold.

Pack your cooler last so you can get out and enjoy a few brews before you unpack, but not before checking you site for low hanging brush, you don't want holes in your roof .

Check your rv's height!

You don't want a low bridge turning your new toy into a convertible!

A set of walkie talkie's are handy for backing in just as well as backup cameras. Mirror extensions help as well.

Don't forget to apologise to the person that helped you back in.

Finding space in your RV can be challenging so your going to want to try and bring things that cut down on space.

We find we use our air fryer and our pressure cooker as well as our Foreman grill, kurig and waffle maker the most.

A lot of these are multi functional.

Some some toasters have air fryers Built-in so do some pressure cookers.

All definitely worth having, especially with the kids.

Always carry a spare tire as well as the tools to change one.

Get a battery operated air pump and jump starter cables.

A lot of rv slides are run off the battery.

If you have to pack your gear in your vehicle make sure it is secured.

If you roll your vehicle...well lets just say that wouldn't want to hop into a drying machine with all that stuff or catch bag of wet wipes to the head thats going 40 mph because of a sudden stop.

Try to arrive to your site during the day so you have plenty of light.

Again! Take 2 minutes to inspect your site for low hanging branches the last thing you need is a hole in your roof!

Load up on paper plates, paper towels and utensils. Or mess kits if your environmentally conscious.

Remember your toiletries including wet wipes and dry shampoo as well as rv specific toil paper.

Keep plenty of water in your black tank You don't want to start building a poop Pyramid.💩

Wash dishes in a basin then pour the water down the toilet because the soapy water helps free all the crud.

Any little piece of crap that gets on your black tank sensor can make it register as full.

By a good set of knives, a spatula and some grill utensils.

Get yourself a nice cast iron frying Pan and season it properly.

Before you head out always make sure that your tire pressure is correct it will give you better control of your vehicle and improves gas milage.

Your trailer is like a sail, never head out during wind advisories!!!

Make sure that your wheel bearings are greased yearly.

Circle your rv 3 times, do at least once in a different direction, perspective changes everything. and look up and down while circling.

Inspect your roof before each Winter, water damage can destroy your Rv.

If you plan on camping year round look into putting skirting around the bottom of your RV.

If you are storing for the winter make sure that you have someone properly winterize because cracked lines are a expensive nightmare!

RV ports can make your camper retain a lot of its resale value as well as keep your roof from caving in.

Be kind to your neighbours in never cut across another person's campsite.

Let us know if we missed anything 🙂

Please let us know what you think?

We've put together this Facebook goup with some must have essentials as well as some sweet gadgets with descriptions & reviews.

We Sincerely hope this doesn't upset any of the admins. It just seems like every other day a new member asks what are the RV must haves?

We save our members a ton of leg work & we would love to hear your feedback 🙂

RV-ING Essentials for Beginners

Group Rules

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Everyone has a different point of view so feel free to respectfully disagree. Please be kind and courteous at all times.

Be respectful of others’ privacy

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