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10IsChaos Goes Glamping!!

Hello world,

Guess what we did? yea after a long and tedious process we have finally decided to join the camping world! We looked and talked with several campers and people and we finally found the one. We got to this point after buying the jet skis and realizing after riding on the lake all day it would be so much easier to stay the night, enjoy the family, and talk about the days events and get up and do it again the next day. Going home and getting there late just wore a person out! well now we are ready for the big league, we purchased what Brenda and I felt would be the perfect fit for our family, even thought there are (Now) 10 plus of us not all will be able to join at once. And on that occasion when there are more people then beds, the great outdoors makes for the perfect evening. So I will post some pictures of the trailer now before we pick it up and most likely as our adventures begin so will a new chapter in our life. As always “What’s the slogan?” “Stay Safe, Be Smart and I love You”


Glamping With 10IsChaos!

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