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Captain Marvel “Event”

Well.. the eve started off nice. Zachary, Brianna and Myself and Amanda and Dakot! Not too bad we walked In and holly poo it was crowded. One can only assume it was for Captain Marvel. Zachary reminded me we had a express pass for concessions which was nice . We all got are snacks and walked into the theater at this time I realized the crowds out front were not for Captain marvel, at this point with 5min before show time our theatre was not full at all. With that said the pre-views rolled and whic I only liked one pre-view “Hobbs and Shaw” It looked pretty good. Finally the movie started, it to me was not your typical Marvel movie a little slow at time and not a lot of action, maybe because they were introducing a new character, and since she was a women I think they should of really shown her at her best. I feel they held her character back and was afraid to show what Captain Marvel really could do. Maybe at this point Character wise she dont know what she can do! All and all I was pleased I haven’t been to a movie in awhile and it’s always nice to hang out with the family. So my overall thought! Most of the time all movies are good for the big screen experience but there are some that can wait for the living room. With that being said I give “Captain Marvel“ 4 chaotic thumbs out of 10 for the movie and rate this as a Living Room event. You will not gain or loose by watching this at the theater, but you will be equally satisfied if you wait till you watch it in your living room with the family.

love you all!!

As always stay safe stay smart and I Love You All...

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