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My Rustic Cuff Encounter

OMG!! I met the nicest person today!! Rustic Cuff owner “Jill Donovan”! So I went to Rustic Cuff to get Brenda Brumfield Dunn Mother’s Day gift (yes she knows already) and as I was looking around and the sales lady was pointing out different cuffs to buy, she pointed to one with charms and I asked about dog charms. I asked how much the charms would be and she said you would have to buy one bracelet for each dog, I laughed and said that’s 8 dogs. She was shocked, I told her all the kids had to have there own. I then found a different cuff set that I liked and went up to the counter to pay and there stood “Ms Jill Donovan”, she turned to greet me and seen my company shirt and asked if I worked at Osage Casinos, I stated yes mam I do. She then commented on how she just had luncheon with Byron Bighorse and his wife Jennifer. I told her they were very involved with the community and that I was not surprised. Then the cashier told her I had eight dogs, Jill laughed and asked if I had a daughter, I told her yes one of them actually met you and was able to sneak in line to get a picture with you at one of your grand opening’s. She asked her name and I told her it was Keira Dunn she smiled said hold on and left! I finished paying for Brenda’s cuff and Jill returned, what she had done was go in get a cuff set for Keira wrapped it handed it to me and said make sure I give it it to her. I told her thank you and she didn’t have to that, she said it was her pleasure and asked about the rest of the family. I then proceeded to tell her about all the kids and who’s who, foster, adoption and how one son married and brought number 11. This whole time she listened with enthusiasm and constantly asked questions, and me being oblivious to my surroundings did not see her working on another gift. I did tell her about our family website and how to spell it correctly, she said she would definitely look at it. As the conversation was coming to a end I realized I must of apologized about five time’s for leaving my phone in the car. (I would of bored her with pictures) she smiled shook my hand and said it was a pleasure to meet you, she then handed me the other gift she was preparing and said give this to your wife so she can bring all your daughters up here and go shopping. I again told her this was not necessary, and thank you so much! We ended with her saying it was my pleasure and Thank You so much! She said it was her pleasure and Thank You!!

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