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Rainy Evening...

Well! This evening has came to a nice end, storms always bring that mellowness feelMing. That cool breeze where you can feel the temperature change. The smell in the air in between downpours. And best of all the thunder and lightning that goes with it. Anyways it’s been a good day, I was able to take Keira to school today, looks like that will continue for awhile. Didn’t do a bunch of walking around so the feet are at 6 on pain scale 10 being the worst of coarse. Been a lazy week though which I hate, gaining weight and not much gets done. So unless I force myself to bare through the pain most thing remain undone. Front yard looks like Pooh (hurts the feet to push the mower) yes it’s that bad. I seriously have pain like I’ve done a 20mi hike and they burn up to the ankle’s it’s crazy I know, but it’s cool I’ll figure out one day. Anyways guess I’ll head over to the Book of Faces and catch up on some Fake News... As always “Be Safe, Be Smart and we Love You!!

Good Night Chaos!!

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