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Saturday Am

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Good Morning Chaos!!

well its Saturday morning, almost 9 Little Ms Ariel’s said she would be Over early‘ I doubt it I’ll be lucky to see the white of her eyes by noon.. Love ya 😎 Semi big day going to go get the remote start added to your moms Jeep that’s kind of exciting, with the weather being so flakey latel. Grocery shopping for the week, got to remember to get my Bloody Mary fixings’s for tonight most likely be me and Ariel and Brianna hopefully handling the drink part and The Who ever else is here cleaning up the rest of the food. Your brother Zachary should be back in today, it will be good to see him for a day or two before he leaves on his cruise. Anyway as the day goes on stay tuned.

As Always Be Safe, Be Smart and I Love You All...

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