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Well Another Day!!

Well today was a new day, I was able to see two of my daughters today. Ariel and Amanda stopped by, one of my sons Andrew graced us with his presence although Keira asked him to come by so they could start loading the switch with games. (Andrew home brewed it). Ariel brought Eric by which it’s always good to see him, seems like a pretty good guy. Feet are killing me as Usual but hey Dr. Apointment is scheduled for early Oct, which kind of sucks since the fair this year is at the end of September. It’s cool though last year I rented a scooter best 65.00 I spent, so most likely I will do it again this yea. Well that’s about it, heading to bed to do little Facebook and new. Oh today was 9/11 all I can say is dang.

Good night ”Chaos” stay smart be safe and I love you!!

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